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Welcome to Branded7, my online gallery of limited edition art and framed prints. Here you can view or purchase featured pieces from my most recent collections, The 4getmeknots™ and A Sheep’s Life along with a range of my earlier work.

The 4Getmeknots

IntroducingThe 4GetmeknotsTM

A contemporary collection of limited edition framed prints featuring the mischievous and playful 4getmeknots™. Each piece is signed and edition numbered, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Visit my shop to view the full collection.

Entwined - Limited Edition
A Sheep's Life

Some Favourites fromA Sheep's Life Collection

The Sheep’s Life collection was conceived in early 2015. Formed around simplistic shapes and a restricted brush set, vivid colours and rolling landscapes, each piece appeals to art lovers looking for a fun and vibrant addition to their collection.

Lake View - Limited Edition


Hideouts was my second collection released in 2016. Focused around peaceful, tranquil locations, this collection will trigger emotions of longing and wonder, encompassing the feeling of escapism into a location or environment where anyone can go to disappear and unwind.

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