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Since beginning my career as a designer in 2005, my focus has spanned across many different mediums, from traditional pencil and paper portraits, still life and sculptures through to mobile app user interfaces and experimental product design.

Although the majority of my career has been heavily targeted towards creating digital solutions for web and mobile apps, art and illustration has been a continuous stable aspect of everything I do.

I relish being able to create unique pieces that can support, enhance and bring to life a variety of digital projects.

In 2015 I decided to take my love for illustration further and set about reinventing Branded7 as a traditional art and illustrative studio, providing only print and branding work.

To read more about my career head on over to my About page.

Secret Falls b7_12795_Secret-Falls

My Design Process

I am very dedicated to my illustrative work. I have spent time focusing and developing a style which I take pure pride and joy in. I work with traditional art materials or in digital. All the works displayed on my website are limited edition digital print runs.

Moonlight Fishing b7_12324_Moonlight-Fishing
Thinking Time b7_14768_Thinking-Time

Everything Starts with a Sketch

All of the artwork featured combine traditional methods with digital, starting with sketches or even initial marker work to set the scenes. I then transition into digital and using a customised, limited set of brushes I have developed over time, I work in Photoshop to finalise each piece.

Design Process

Usually I have a clear vision at the start of each piece what I am looking to create so I start off with a lose sketch to get the basics down.

The most important thing for me at the early stage is the shapes. If you start with poor shapes the end result will suffer. Once happy I then transition the sketch in to digital and start working on outlining and adjusting shades and lighting of all my objects.

Once I have a black and white outline in place I then look at assigning a colour base. Most of my work concentrates on a controlled based colour palette, but some I opt for a more vivid and lucid set to add impact.

Finally once I have chosen my colours I start work with my brushes on texturing up the piece. This is the phase where most of the time is spent.

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