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Tree Oh No.2 Signed and Framed Limited Edition

The Sheep’s Life collection was conceived in early 2015. Formed around simplistic shapes and a restricted brush set, vivid colours and rolling landscapes, each piece appeals to art lovers looking for a fun and vibrant addition to their collection.

Tree Oh is a small breakout collection of pieces inspired by some of the supportive assets used in my larger more detailed work. This fun set features 3 types of trees set atop of a hill during different times of the day. Attention was spent on subtle adjustments to the lighting and shadows, offering a different depth of character to each piece. I enjoyed using a handful of geometric shapes to form something emotive, thought provoking and highly relatable.

  • Product Code b7_13302
  • Edition 45
  • Framed Size 44 x 44 cm
  • Price £120.00
  • Available Arrange Viewing